Organize the integration of the carbon indicator into our proposals

Yassine Belouad explains the context that prompted Tunzini to incorporate the carbon indicator into their offerings.

Project owners are becoming increasingly aware of low-carbon solutions.

Tunzini is getting ready to add a carbon indicator alongside a technical audit and price indicator into its tender submissions.

This indicator had to be understood and adapted through training delivered by Nooco teams.

Tunzini quickly adapted to the tool, integrating carbon calculations seamlessly into their processes.

In order to control and reduce the carbon footprint of their projects, the Nooco calculation method is carried out on their tenders.

“Nooco allows us to accurately measure the environmental impact of our lots and easily make variants if environmental performance targets are not met.”

By gaining a clear vision of low-carbon solutions through Nooco, they were able to differentiate themselves further

Yassine Belouad

Business Manager

Tunzini specializes in studies, design, construction and control of climate engineering installations.

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