Measure and optimize the environmental impact of your new-build, renovation or operation projects.

At last, certified LCA is accessible to all, reliable and free of expertise.

Over 100 companies have already placed their trust in us

Our mission: to make carbon a market indicator
Our work is all aimed at giving operational staff instant access to reliable information on the carbon impact of their projects.

(Eco)conceive your projects

Turnkey carbon calculation for all building trades
Contractors and designers
Manufacturers and installers
Asset owners and operators

Ecodesign and monitoring

Easily create design variants to identify the right solution for your projects. Analyze carbon footprint by phase. Quickly assess and work out the eligibility of your projects for the various E+C-, BBCA and BREEAM reference methods.

Control and optimization

Import your project in one click from your costing tool. View the carbon impact by batch and by equipment.
Easily take action to reduce this impact by selecting all the PEP and FDES sheets on the market.


Support and efficient management

Simulate and determine the carbon trajectory of your real estate assets or operating contracts, based on an assumption of responsibility and reference consumption. Monitor in real time the impact of maintenance actions and the achievement of your objectives (BBCA operating accredited solution).


Environmental transition and marketing

Benefit from real-time market research. Compare your products with the fast simulator and promote them to your customers. Keep track of your files.


5 times faster

Analyzing customer quotes and obtaining an LCA takes 5 times less time than traditional tools on the market.


Users won over by the simple yet rigorous ergonomics.


Projects carried out on Nooco for new construction, renovation or refurbishment.

Don’t waste any more time

AI: automatic recognition saves time

Nooco automatically recognizes quotation software and export formats. You no longer need to rework your exports or enter them a second time.


Improved ergonomics for greater ease of use

LCA demystified: your operational teams take control of the carbon calculation thanks to our educational and intuitive interface.

Dedicated support and ongoing training

Our multi-disciplinary team enables us to innovate in line with your expectations and those of your customers. We support you in training to ensure your teams’ skills are upgraded and that they understand the market transition.


What do our users say?

A simple, playful and effective solution

With a simple, playful and effective solution, Nooco encourages all stakeholders to become aware of their scope for action, and the keys they need to activate in order to massively expand low-carbon construction.

Marine Vesson
Environment Division Manager

A feature seen nowhere else

Nooco has a feature we haven’t seen anywhere else: product interpolations are immediately available and clear.

Jérome Bertrand
Eco-design department manager at Vinci Construction France

A simpler, smoother, more flexible approach

Nooco is proposing to take a real interest in the carbon weight of building services, with an approach that is simpler, smoother and, above all, more precise and adapted to each project.

Vincent Lugherini
Environmental Design Engineer at Artelia

Simplified data reading

Nooco makes complex environmental data accessible and enables you to compare different variants of a project using different optimization levers.

Ivan Bordas
R&D Director at VIM

Nooco keeps us one step ahead

We apply Nooco to our projects as part of an eco-design and decarbonization approach, to support developers on projects in phase with the RE2020. Nooco gives us a head start and a clearer view of future regulations.

Arthur Pasquier
Senior Carbon Consultant at ELAN

Nooco calculation makes the difference

By developing its own calculation engine, Nooco has understood the challenge of mastering these carbon footprint calculations with a certain speed of execution. This speed is the key to being able to rapidly implement action plans, and to being able to rapidly commit the customer to the project.

Jean-Baptiste Raphanaud
CEO, energy performance specialist

Pragmatic and well-built

It’s the first time I’ve heard the subject discussed in a pragmatic and constructive way!

Bertrand Touzet
Purchasing Manager

Clear levers for low-carbon action

Nooco enables us to compare solutions and obtain clear levers for action. For us, this is important, because having a low-carbon solution allows us to be well positioned in terms of prescriptions for a project.

Benjamin Cotton
Prescription Manager, Industry and HVAC

Nooco is completely in line with our objective

Nooco is fully in line with our objective of reducing the environmental impact of our buildings and facilities and providing access to carbon impact calculations.

Pierre Blanchet
Vinci Energies
Innovation Manager

A brilliant application!

The more time I spend on Nooco, the more I find your application brilliant, so congratulations again!

Laura Bellamico
Environmental Research

Nooco, your trusted partner for low-carbon projects and strategies