Nooco for contractors and designers

Reliable and transparent information in a decision-supporting tool designed for project owners and contractors

Nooco is the first solution designated to track carbon impacts throughout the lifecycle of your projects.

Don’t settle for rough calculations in a black box any more! ‍

Increase your autonomy and transparency by making carbon impact management more reliable and pragmatic, from the outline phase to delivery. ‍

Empower your subcontractors right from the consultation phase and quickly compare their alternative proposals.

Efficiently compare your project variants

Gauge carbon information in a collaborative tool designed to provide transparency and decision-making support


The fastest LCA on the market

The LCA delivered by Nooco comes with educational deliverables and RE2020-, E+C- and BREEAM-certified calculations.

Simply act on the most impactful building lots

Easily visualize the distribution of carbon impact by building lot or contributor. Quickly identify the best solutions and manage the actions of your stakeholders.

Contractors and designers
From a simple license to change management, our offers are tailored to your needs.
Services and support

Fast simulator
Variant comparison
VIP online support
Quick project import (DPGF)
RE2020-and E+C-certified software
Suppliers catalog
Unlimited number of projects

An offer tailored to your needs

Customizable training
Management and deployment
Customizable deliverables
Regulatory deliverable

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Participation in the prioritization of developments/roadmaps
Partner referencing
Pilot privileged access and exclusivities

Your peers have chosen Nooco

Your peers have chosen Nooco

A simplified, streamlined approach

Nooco is committed to taking a real interest in the carbon footprint of building services, with an approach that is simpler, more fluid and, above all, more precise and adapted to each project.

Vincent Lugherini
Environmental Design Engineer

Nooco allows us to have a head start

We use Nooco on our projects in an eco-design, decarbonization approach, to support promoters in projects in line with RE2020. Nooco allows us to have a head start and to see more clearly in anticipation of this future regulation.

Arthur Pasquier
Senior Carbon Consultant

The Nooco calculation makes all the difference

Nooco has understood the challenge of mastering fast carbon footprint calculations by developing its own calculation engine. This speed is key to quickly initiate action plans and to involve customers early on in the project.

Jean-Baptiste Raphanaud
CEO, Energy Performance specialist

A fantastic app!

The more time I spend on Nooco the more I love it, so once more, well done!

Laura Bellamico
Environmental Research