Nooco for builders

The tool that allows you to master your environmental issues.

Designed to help you meet new market expectations.
Nooco’s fast turnaround allows you to quickly transform your organization in order to address carbon related issues with your clients.

Import your equipment and materials

Import your metrics from your encryption tools in a few clicks: they are automatically recognized by our integrated artificial intelligence solution.


Control the impact of your projects

Instantly identify the action levers available for you to make the right decisions.

Optimize carbon impact

Review all the low-carbon solutions on the market with our ergonomic tools.

From a simple license to change management, our offers are tailored to your needs.
Services and support

Fast simulator
RE2020-and E+C-certified software
Variant comparison
Regulatory deliverable
Suppliers catalog
Unlimited number of projects
Quick project import (DPGF)

An offer tailored to your needs

Change management monitored and supported by our experts.

Customizable training
Management and deployment
Customizable deliverables
Regulatory deliverable

Contact us for more information

We listen to you, and develop new features based on your needs.

Participation in the prioritization of developments/roadmap
Partner referencing
Pilot privileged access and exclusivities

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What do our users say?

A unique feature

Nooco has a unique feature found nowhere else: product interpolations are immediately available and clearly displayed.

Jérome Bertrand
Vinci Construction France
Head of Ecodesign Department

Measuring the carbon footprint is within everyone’s reach!

We chose Nooco, particularly for its ease of use that allows everyone to own the carbon calculations. We have used it in calls for tenders in building engineering, facility management and data centers.

François Lenne
Bouygues Energies & Services
Climate Project Manager

Pragmatic and well thought-out !

It’s the first time the subject has been approached in a pragmatic and structured way!

Bertrand Touzet
Purchasing Manager

Nooco is fully in line with our objective!

Nooco completely alines with our goal to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings and installations and being able to access the carbon footprint calculation.

Pierre Blanchet
Vinci Energies
Innovation Manager