How does Nooco save time in modeling AIA Environnement’s construction projects?

AIA Envionnement talks about how to calculate and optimize the carbon footprint of complex projects.

“We are working on complex projects involving multiple buildings of varying types and use.”

Nooco allows AIA to model the calculation of the carbon impact based on a single Excel contract (DPGF) containing all the building data.

Once the carbon calculation is completed, the available deliverables cover their sharing or post-processing needs.

The project modeling time is thereby greatly reduced, which improves their reactivity.

Working in real time with their customers allows them to assess the impact of architectural and technical choices and thus closely support the ecodesign and renovation of buildings.

Paul Lucazeau

Environmental Project Manager

AIA Environnement is a design office attached to AIA Life Designers and its 14 agencies present in France and abroad.

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