Elan: search and integration of RE2020 LCA software

Convinced of the importance of quickly measuring and reducing the carbon impact of the construction sector, Alan tells us about the search for software adapted to the needs of the company and its customers.

Embedding the carbon indicator in calculations.

The carbon indicator of real estate projects has become essential in recent years and even mandatory since the arrival of the RE2020 regulation. ELAN has embedded this indicator into its assignments with an associated consulting approach.

What were your expectations with LCA calculation software?

“The leitmotif is time saving and software reliability.”

1. A fast and reliable solution.

The software’s speed of execution and reliability are essential for Elan’s teams. They must give their customers rapid and robust understanding of the carbon impact of their operations.

2. An ergonomically designed tool

It was important to have a visual, ergonomic solution, with a real possibility of exploiting results and optimizing calculations.

What made the real difference for you?

“We have human exchanges with Nooco.”

Beyond the different features offered by the tool, the difference is noticeable in several points. It provides robust support whether via chatbox, email or phone. There is a follow-up, with a dedicated interlocutor who knows our company and its challenges. Finally, the quality of exchanges is appreciable in technical and regulatory subjects. Alan insists on the time savings generated by Nooco. He adds that being informed on the roadmap of the software’s future developments is an added bonus.

In concrete terms, how has this use played out?

Choosing Nooco has resulted in a more flexible use and reading of all our calculations, facilitating certain optimizations. Alan and Elan employees now have the possibility of accessing the resources of the INIES database on the same control screen.

“I can now instantly see the differences between materials on the same graph.”

What if we could go further together?

The idea of being partners and not in a vendor/customer relationship is very interesting. There are two examples that illustrate this. The variation of Nooco’s roadmap based on user feedback and the data management of Elan’s projects in perspective via Nooco.

Alan Bragado

Sustainable Construction MOA/MOE Consultant

Sustainable Construction MOA/MOE Consultant

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