What data is available for conducting a building LCA in Europe ?

To calculate the environmental impact of a building and conduct its life cycle assessment, it is necessary to know the impact of its components. Therefore, it is essential to have environmental data on the materials and equipment used. This data is provided in environmental datasheets and is called EPD, Environmental Product Declaration.

In Europe, there are numerous databases that compile these datasheets. A European standard (EN 15804) allows for the standardization of the data, facilitating their use.

Here is a graph showing the number of environmental datasheets available for each country:

INIES is the database with the largest number of profiles available, and France is the country with the most environmental profiles. However, many countries do not have a predominant database and do not seem to possess the necessary data to perform a complete impact assessment of a building.

How can a complete LCA be performed ?

To optimize the use of available datasheets, one approach could be to use all existing datasheets while specifically adjusting the impact dedicated to transportation. Another strategy could be to use the impact from a datasheet of one country while applying a safety coefficient to its total impact, ensuring a secure approach in data handling.

At Nooco – a Deepki solution, although we cannot guarantee an exact solution, our approach aims to simplify the process for our users. We can provide an LCA across all countries and recommend the following order of priority when choosing a datasheet :

  1. Specific datasheet available for the country in question and/or usable for a region that includes the country (e.g., Europe)
  2. Generic datasheet for the country. This datasheet provides general information that can be used temporarily while waiting for a more specific datasheet.
  3. Specific similar datasheet available in another country with adjusted transportation impact
  4. Generic datasheet available in another country with adjusted transportation impact
  5. Carbon simulation available on Nooco